Welcome to Tunbridge Wells, pull up an Aga


Another Tunbridge Wells blog?

Over recent months I’ve stumbled across a lot of blogs about Tunbridge Wells and, frankly, most of them were a bit shit. So I’m writing one myself, because, at worst, it’ll be a bit shit too.

I’ve lived here 35 years (yes, I’m that old) and I know for certain that not everyone here is posh, rich, owns an Aga and spends their spare time being Mary fecking Berry and arranging flowers. Sadly, the blogosphere (yeah, I said it) of T.Wells doesn’t seem to depict any level of reality.

So, here’s me. Largely dysfunctional, sweary, 30-something who lives in a small 1 bed flat, shared with a cat called Sausage and a Charlie (the boyfriend, not the white stuff).

Not a clue what I’ll write about, but rest assured it won’t be a about a fucking Aga.


Crazy cat lady


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